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The International Association of Bioethics aims to be truly international, linking all those working in bioethics and related fields, facilitating mutual contact, and encouraging the discussion of cross-cultural aspects in bioethics.



15th World Congress of Bioethics, June 19-21, 2020, Philadelphia, USA


Feminist Approaches to Bioethics World Congress, June 17-18, 2020, Philadelphia, USA

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Elections to the IAB Board of Directors

Elections were held according to article 7 of the IAB Constitution. The ballots were counted by the Proportional Representation Society of Australia (Victoria-Tasmania) Inc (PRSAV-T) using the quota-preferential method of proportional representation, as stated in the IAB Constitution.


The final board composition is as follows:

Continuing Board Members:
Maria De Jesus Medina Arrellano (Mexico)
Lisa Eckenwiler (USA)
Alex John London (USA)
Vilhjalmur Arnason (Iceland)
Dorcas Kamuya (Kenya)

Newly Elected Board Members:
Ignacio Mastroleo (Argentina)
Marcel Verweij (The Netherlands)
Paulina Tindana (Ghana)
Jean-Christophe Belisle-Pipon (Canada)
Yali Cong (China)
Aasim Ahmad (Pakistan)
Vardit Ravitsky (Canada)
Carla Saenz (Pan American Health Organization)
Nancy S. Jecker (South Africa)

Thalia Arawi (Lebanon)

Bioethics and Political Philosophy: Nordic Perspectives


Bioethics and Political Philosophy: Nordic Perspectives is a workshop series that brings together philosophers, bioethicists, and other researchers from Nordic countries whose work is at the intersection of bioethics and political philosophy.

In recent years, it has been increasingly recognized that many of the issues of bioethics have broader social and political implications, and much can be gained by approaching bioethical questions with the tools, concepts, and theories of political philosophy. At the same time, political philosophy can benefit from attention to the problems and debates within bioethics and public health ethics.

Issues of common interest include, for instance, the ethics of the use of medical, public health, and genetic data; normative questions about individual and population-level health interventions; the demands of justice in the allocation of scarce health resources; democratic participation and representation in health policy decisions.

The aim of the workshop series is to promote the traffic of ideas between these two areas. The first meeting will take place at Stockholm University in May 2019. Its broad theme is “autonomy.” It will be followed by two further workshops, one in Reykjavik in the fall of 2019 (themed “beneficence”) and another one in Aarhus in the spring of 2020 (themed “justice”).

The workshop series is supported by a grant from the Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS).