IAB 2016 Edingurgh

The 2016 IAB conference is taking place in Edinburgh. We are delighted to have a confirmed list of symposia.

Sponsored Symposia

  • Nuffield Council on Bioethics: Are we Making Progress in Bioethics?
  • WHO and Wellcome Trust: Bioethics at the World Health Organisation
  • Farr Institute of Health Informatics: Governance Interoperability in Health Research Regulation

Themed Symposia

  • Arts+Ethics
  • “Art + Bioéthique”: Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Art as a Catalyst for Exchanges and Knowledge Transfer

Global Bioethics Symposia

  • Ethics and regulation of global beauty practices and procedures
  • Ethics in evidence generation and research during humanitarian responses to public health crises
  • Ethical challenges in the quest to cure HIV
  • WHO TB Ethics Guidance Document: The Next Iteration
  • Implementing ethical guidelines in response to epidemics
  • Perspectives from the Global South: Perspectives for the Global South: Problematizing Assumptions Underlying the ‘Global South-Global North’ Geographical Imaginary & as to Who is ‘Building Capacity’ or ‘Achieving Competency’ in Global Health and Global Health Ethics Initiatives
  • Ethical considerations of health databases and biobanks: the open policy-making process of the World Medical Association
  • Towards the Development of Ethics Guidance for the Conduct and Review of Health Policy and Systems Research

Public Health Symposia

  • Adam Smith at the Bedside: The Influence of ‘The Theory of Moral Sentiments’ in Clinical Bioethics Consultation
  • How Climate Change Compounds Social Injustice
  • After Ebola: Challenges facing Infectious Diseases Biobanking
  • Changing Regimes of Research Ethics Governance: A Comparative Perspective
  • Developing a Framework for Genomic and Biobanking Research in Africa
  • Ethical Judgments: Re-Writing Medical Law
  • UK mitochondrial research and legislation: cutting edge or out on a limb?
  • Exchanging experiences of dealing with facts and values: STS and bioethics

Individuals Symposia

  • What is enough? Sufficiency, justice and health
  • In it together? The role of solidarity in promoting public interests in biomedicine and public health
  • New Crossroads for Bioethics, Environment, and the Brain Sciences: Environmental Neuroethics
  • The Ethics of Complex Bodily Exchange
  • Ethical issues in efforts to expand access to investigational drugs
  • Consent for secondary use of clinical data for research
  • What does it mean to regulate in the public interest?