IAB Membership

The International Association of Bioethics (IAB) was established in 1992 and its objectives, as defined in its constitution are:

  • to facilitate contacts and the exchange of information between those working in bioethics in different parts of the world;
  • to organize and promote international conferences in bioethics;
  • to encourage the development of research and teaching in bioethics; and
  • to uphold the value of free, open and reasoned discussion of issues in bioethics.

It pursues these objectives primarily by creating opportunities and spaces for bioethicists to meet, network and exchange ideas at the biannual world congress and through its many specialist networks.

The IAB is a membership organisation and all of its income comes from membership fees. The IAB does not exclude non-members from its networks and other activities, but to sustain these activities it needs a well-functioning secretariat, and this can only be achieved if you give us your support as a member.

Membership also allows you to become involved in the governance of the IAB and to propose and lead new networks.

Board members and officers of the IAB are not remunerated in any way.


Membership Tiers

Tier 1: Members from High Income Countries:

Tier 2: Members from Middle Income Countries: 

Tier 3: Members from Low Income Countries:


  • Participants who do not have a job as an academic or professional in university, government, hospital, or private company.
  • Students currently enrolled in a higher education program irrespective of the country (official confirmation must be issued by a Supervisor, Personal Tutor or equivalent).

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